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Tsunami Slip & Dip

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Product Description

Slip, slide, and splash into the pool at the bottom, everything about the EZ Inflatables Tsunami Slip and Dip Slidescreams fun. Built sturdy and safe enough for commercial or residential use, everyone will have a blast taking a running leap onto the slide and riding it all the way to the splash pool at the bottom. This wave-inspired slip and slide has smart safety features like tall side bumpers and it comes complete with a 1.5 HP blower, handy patch kit with glue, and anchor stakes to keep it sturdy in place

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Unit Specifics

1 Air Blower
Air Flow Zipper
Anchoring Spikes
Business Card Holder
Fire Resistant
Lead Free
Patch Kit
Safety Rules
Soaker Hose
Model Number: SS162
Dimensions: 28L x 8W x 9H
Alternate Size: 33L x 8W x 9H
Indoor: No
Outdoor: Yes
Warranty: 2 years