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  • Mega Obstacle Course

    Big Units = Big Rental Incomes


  • WS1043

    Purple. Tropical. Warm Weather Fun


  • G200 Inflatable Foosball

    Fun. Challenging. Profitable


  • G214 Football Challenge

    Customize Any Color Combination


Featured Products

Zorbie X Track

Price Includes 2 PVC Zorbie Balls
Zorbie Balls come with a 30 Day Warranty

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Sugar Shack Dual Lane Non Slip Combo

This beautiful Sugar Shack unit is arguably one of the nicest water combos we make at EZ Inflatables. The full digitally printed panels and 3D candy make for an immersive and colorful experience. This unit is perfect for any inflatable party, or candy land themed event.

Want to see other Sugar Shack Varieties

We make several varieties of the "Sugar Shack" graphics. See our other varieties:

22 Ft. Blue Crush Water Slide

This 22 foot "Blue Crush" water slide is perfect for your inflatable rental company. It features a tropical themed 3D environment that your moonwalk rental customers will love. Children climb the inflatable slide on the left of the unit, and slide down the 22 foot drop into the inflatable pool below.

Carnival Game

Carnival comes with 4 detachable games. You can choose any four from the 8 games provided. Each game is built to be a stand alone. The tent can be used by itself as a concession stand. This unit is perfect for school, churches, corporate events and more. The detachable games are also great for backyard rentals.

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